Richiger Truck Unloaders


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Richiger CG300 truck unloader


The CG300 combines hydraulic and mechanical drives to achieve high capacity unloading. This will load 9 or 10ft baggers, using a 100HP tractor. The transfer auger sets up for work in minutes. Its 180 degree foldaway hopper results in shorter lengths than competitors machines for better maneuverability in the yard and on the road.



Richiger RTU1250LP truck unloader

The Richiger RTU1250LP is a high performance truck unloading auger, and is an excellent match for our Richiger Grain Bagging System and can attached with any Richiger Grain Bagger. It features and optional assist mover with hopper and mechanical drive and has quick disconnect for grain bagger use only.


This easy to use unit transports as one unit, so the width of the bagger in transport mode is maintained. It is also quick and easy to set up operation of the RTU1250LP truck unloading auger. It has great truck to bag clearance and is hopper bottom or rear dump capable.

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