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Why Should I bag my Grain?

1. Save on labor costs (one person can run a grain bagger) and you never have to wait on a truck again because you can bag directly in the field and keep your combine running.

2. .7 cents a bushel to store grain in bags vs. approx. $2 a bushel to build a bin

3. Lower fuel charges, no unnecessary trips back and forth to bins

4. No property taxes on bags vs. property taxes on bins


5. Save on electric costs (grain bags do not need fans and they are virtually insect free)

6. You can make money back if you ever decide to sell your grain bagger vs. very hard to sell a stationary grain bin.

7. You can sell your grain when you are ready, even if your storage space is limited, thus you will make more profit if you sell when the market is right.


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Read how Customers are Loving their Richiger Grain bagging Systems!

“The main thing I hear my customers say about Richiger Grain Baggers is that it keeps their combines running, they don’t have to waste time sitting in line at the elevator because they just bag right there in their field and keep on moving. It also lets them be in control of their grain and gives them better marketing opportunities to sell when they can get the highest dollar for their grain. Instead of crops standing in the fields, my customers can use Richiger grain baggers and unloaders to make the most efficient use of their combines. They have been very satisfied.”

                          – Bob Nichols, Sydenstricker Implement Mexico, Missouri



“I cannot say enough good things about my Richiger EA910 unloader! Grain bagging is a premium source of storage. I have bagged grain since 2014 and been so satisfied with the Richiger unloader. Its just so fast. I was able to unload 1,000 bushels in 7minutes. As a new user back in 2014, I didn’t have any problems starting grain bagging or getting it started running. My neighbor has the Richiger grain bagger and we use them together to get a high amount of grain in bags. That Richiger unloader really keeps you on your toes with how fast it unloads, so be ready! Grain bagging has been very, very helpful to my farming operation and I will continue to bag grain, I plan to bag about 8 bags this harvest, (that’s about 110,000 bushels) with Richiger grain bagging systems and Plastar bags.”

​                          – John Lorenzen, Centralia, Missouri


“My customers like the speed of the Richiger R950MX roller mill bagger. This bagger is the only one like it on the market that will crimp grain to your desired size and then bag it too at high speeds. A lot of nutritionists work with my customers too. They all say how simple it is to run and how it saves time. The Richiger roller mill bagger is a very good unit. The price is nice, too, because its cheaper than crimping it other ways.”

                        - Don, Bagman LLC, Hammond, Wisconsin

“I hear guys say all the time how user friendly Richiger baggers and unloader are. It’s the ultimate control over your grain if you use Richiger grain baggers and Plastar bags, because you choose when you sell it instead of using a grain terminal where your control ends there. I see a lot of guys up here in Minnesota and Wisconsin liking the fact that they get high quality grain for feed to feed or sell from using the Richiger R950MX roller mill bagger. I see guys crimping and bagging 3100 bushels and hour with the Richiger roller mill bagger-and that’s something no one else in the grain bagging business can say about their machines.”

                                - Jay, Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Quick and timely with no problems,

then we could haul it on our time.

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Up to 16,000 bushels in just one 10ft bag


Gives you back control of your grain


Bag directly in your field

Grain Bagging: Frequently Asked Questions


What width and length grain bags do you have?

Our Plastar grain bags are 9 or 10 feet in width and range anywhere from 200 to 333 feet in length, depending on availability.


What thickness are the bags?

We offer plastar grain bags in standard and premium. Standard bags are roughly 8.5 mil thickness and premium is 9.3 mil thickness. Our plastar grain bags have been tested by the state of Missouri.


Do you have trouble with pests?

No. We recommend not bagging grain where there is already a known pest problem. Placing ammonium nitrate down before bagging is a safeguard tool, never use sulfur. Unless there is a major grain spill or you have punctured a hole in your grain bag, pests will not be able to smell the grain from outside the grain bag.


What happens if I tear a hole in a bag?

We offer grain bag tape, as well as many dealerships, to patch a hole if one occurs, which is rare.


How many bushels will a bag hold?

9ft Plastar grain bags will hold approx.. 40 bushels per foot, 10ft plastar grain bags will hold approx. 50 bushels per foot.


How much do bags cost?

Our Plastar grain bags cost roughly 0.7 cents a bushel.



Are the bags reusable?

The plastar grain bags are one time use but are recyclable


Are the bags recyclable?

Yes. See our previous post on recycling options


What moisture can I store my grain at in grain bags?

See chart below.


How long can I store my grain?

Plastar grain bags are designed to store grain up to 24 months.


What happens to my grain inside the grain bags?

Not much. Aerobic bacteria use up what free oxygen is available inside the grain bag, they expel carbon dioxide which increases CO2 and decreases the risk for deterioration and it also controls mold and insects. There is no decrease in the grade of your grain inside the grain bag and it will remain like it was when you put it in.